Golden Level Crossing Gates 2010

The 2010 Golden Level Crossing Gates award was given to the Järva County Rescue Department of the Western Estonian Rescue Centre.

Yesterday, April 27, 2010 was held the fifth gratitude event of NPO Operation Lifesaver Estonia (OLE) where the Golden Level Crossing Gates award was presented to the Järva County Rescue Department of the Western Estonian Rescue Centre for their big contribution in enhancing railway safety. For the first time were presented OLE’s honorary medals and the first persons to receive such medals for their long-term work in the field of railway safety were Riivo Sinijärv, Urve Miidla and Daniel Di Tota.

“Receiving the Golden Level Crossing Gates award was for me a mayor surprise!“ said Kairet Kõljalg, Senior Specialist of the Rescue Department. “Our active cooperation with OLE’s management in the field of safety and prevention has lasted already for two years. In order to make our work efficient is really important finding such a great cooperation partner as Operation Lifesaver. It is always much easier to do things together. We share a common objective – reducing the number of people involved and killed in accidents. This year we have made presentations for all 6th-graders of the Järva County. In the second week May we will organise a safety camp where compete teams from all our schools, showing us their skills and knowledge,“ explained Kairet Kõljalg.

“Järva County Rescue Department” has been really active in dealing with railway accident prevention regardless to the fact that it is actually no one of their statutory tasks,“ said Tamo Vahemets, Chairman of Board of NPO Operation Lifesaver Estonia.

The Golden Level Crossing Gates award was presented for the fifth time. The award is given to a person or organisation who has contributed the most in promoting railway safety and whose daily job is not related to railways or railway safety.

In the previous years the award has been presented to:
2006 – Tallinn City Government (Mayor Jüri Ratas)
2007 – Liivika Juksar, Youth Worker of Harju County
2008 – Kristiine Trading Ltd.
2009 – Tarmo Miilits, Police Director

OLE’s honorary medals are given for work promoting railway safety. The honorary medals are presented to Estonian or foreign citizens who have contributed during at least five years into promotion of railway safety related activities in Estonia or to persons whose professional activities have prevented a railway accident with potentially serious consequences.

During the festive gratitude vent held last night, OLE introduced railway safety projects and thanked its cooperation partners. The organisation presented a diploma to its best volunteer presenter and handed out OLE’s honorary medals. OLE signed also cooperation contracts with two new partners: Audentes Sports Club and Estonian Association of Disabled Persons.