You are expected home for Christmas

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“Each day children expect their parents to come home. Personally you can feel comfortable and safe only if all the family members are present. There will be a day when children start their own family. Time passes very quickly and their own children will be expecting them home and the cycle starts again. And this is wonderful.”

Each year there are quite a few people who lose their lives on railway tracks. For us these people are not just numbers from the statistics but real people and we share the grief and pain of their close family and friends. This pain gets even bigger if we look into the reasons for which the railway accidents took place. Getting hit by a train when driving home or to work cannot be compared with a fire or an earthquake. In most of the cases these traffic accidents were caused by negligence which could have been prevented by people themselves. There is not much needed – people should just take more time to cross railway tracks.

In order to remind both motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians of the dangers present on railway tracks, our non-profit organisation Operation Lifesaver Estonia (OLE) organises from 13th to 24th December 2011 a railway safety campaign with the motto “Let the Train Pass! You are Expected Home for Christmas.” Christmas is the period of the year when people pay more attention to their families and friends, meet them to show that they care about them or simply to wish them Merry Christmas! OLE wants its campaign to play a role by making sure that all Christmas greetings reach their addressees.

During our safety campaign advertising materials (video and poster) prepared by OLE where the main characters are a brother and sister waiting for their daddy to come home are being published. At the end of the video we can see that the children’s dad comes back home safely because he took enough time to cross the railway tracks. The TV clip is supported by a radio commercial broadcasted by all Estonian radio stations, posters are exhibited on the streets and ads are to be found in written media. OLE continues also with its railway safety presentations in schools.

Wishing you safe Christmas!

Operation Lifesaver Estonia

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OLE Christmas campaign in urban scene (Tallinn)
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