Golden Level Crossing Gates 2012

[image_frame style=“framed” align=“left” title=“Marek Lind­maa” height=“350” width=“255”][/image_frame]On April 26, 2012, Ope­ra­tion Life­sa­ver Esto­nia orga­ni­sed anot­her Gol­den Level Cros­sing Gates cere­mony, recog­ni­sing orga­ni­sa­tions and pri­va­te per­sons for their input in the field of railway safe­ty. The “Gol­den Level Cros­sing Gates” award was given to TV repor­ter Marek Lind­maa for his com­petent treat­ment of railway safe­ty infor­ma­tion on TV.

“It would be great if the­re were no railway acci­dents at all,” said Juhan Parts, Minis­ter of Eco­no­mic Affairs and Com­mu­nica­tions. “This is why we should recog­nize the work done for imp­ro­ving railway safe­ty situa­tion. Peo­ple should be cons­tant­ly remin­ded about the dan­gers rela­ted to cros­sing railway lines.”

“Throug­hout the years, Marek Lind­maa has broadcas­ted seve­ral news sto­ries about railway acci­dents and pro­mo­ted cor­rect and law­ful beha­viour,” explai­ned Tamo Vahe­mets, Chair­man of the Mana­ge­ment Board of NPO Ope­ra­tion Life­sa­ver Esto­nia. ”He always explai­ned in detail the rea­sons why acci­dents took place. In most of the cases loco­mo­ti­ve dri­vers can­not do much for pre­ven­ting col­li­sions and a lar­ge pro­por­tion of railway acci­dents occur by the fault of motor vehic­le dri­vers or pedest­rians vio­la­ting impor­tant safe­ty rules. Marek also gave tips about cor­rect beha­viour for avoi­ding acci­dents.”

The “Gol­den Level Cros­sing Gates” award is given to an orga­ni­sa­tion or per­son who is not enga­ged in railway safe­ty work on a daily basis but who has cont­ri­bu­ted a great deal in achie­ving railway safe­ty tar­gets.

For their pro­fes­sio­na­lism in the area of railway safe­ty hono­rary medals were given to Mal­le Her­man­son (Pai­de Police Depart­ment of Wes­tern Esto­nian Police Pre­fec­tu­re), Mar­ju Tam­sa­lu (Pai­de Police Depart­ment of Wes­tern Esto­nian Police Pre­fec­tu­re)), Lea Leo­pard (Rapla Police Depart­ment of Wes­tern Esto­nian Police Pre­fec­tu­re) and Mati Lõh­mus (railway com­pany AS EVR Inf­ra).

The tit­le of the “Pre­sen­ter of the Year” was given to Pee­ter Pau from the Eas­tern Police Pre­fec­tu­re, who­se railway safe­ty pre­sen­ta­tions were atten­ded by more than 600 pupils between the ages of 10 and 17 from Sout­hern Esto­nia.

Kai­do Sim­mer­mann, Chair­man of the Mana­ge­ment Board of Esto­nian Railways, said that it is utter­ly reg­ret­tab­le that Esto­nia has one of the lar­gest num­bers of railway acci­dents in Euro­pe. “During the recent years, Esto­nian Railways has inc­reased con­si­de­rab­ly the funds inves­ted in enhancing railway traf­fic safe­ty – we have rebuilt level and pedest­rian cros­sings in order to make them safer, reconst­ruc­ted pas­sen­ger plat­forms and fenced dan­ge­rous track sec­tions. Unfor­tu­na­tely this does not help us much if peo­ple do not chan­ge the way they think about railway safe­ty. Imp­ro­ving people’s awa­re­ness is of utmost impor­tance,” noted Sim­mer­mann. “Both OLE and all the sta­te aut­ho­ri­ti­es, coo­pe­ra­tion part­ners and volun­teers invol­ved are actu­al­ly saving people’s lives and should thus be recog­ni­sed.”

“Railway safe­ty is not a very popu­lar sub­ject for the gene­ral audience but the num­ber of peo­ple wis­hing to help in imp­ro­ving pub­lic awa­re­ness is still growing on an annual basis,” men­tio­ned Tamo Vahe­mets. “Today we have around 40 peo­ple in total dea­ling with railway safe­ty pro­mo­tion. Last year joi­ned us 15 volun­teers, this year have joi­ned alrea­dy 8 volun­teers, making railway safe­ty pre­sen­ta­tions in kin­dergar­tens.”

In pre­vious years, the “Gol­den Level Cros­sing Gates” award has been given to Tal­linn City Govern­ment, Lii­vi­ka Juk­saar, Kris­tii­ne Shop­ping Mall, Tar­mo Mii­lits, Wes­tern Esto­nian Rescue Cent­re, Järva County Rescue Depart­ment and And­rei Sozi­nov.

Addi­tio­nal infor­ma­tion:

Tamo Vahe­mets
Chair­man of Mana­ge­ment Board of OLE
Tel: +372 504 5112



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