Christmas Campaign 2013 – Let the train pass! You are expected home for Christmas

It is Christ­mas time again and it does not real­ly mat­ter if the land will be cove­red with snow or not or if the sur­pri­se in your stoc­king is a bit bigger or smal­ler. The impor­tant thing is to know that the­re is someo­ne thin­king well of you and remem­ber­ing you. So we go and visit our clo­se ones, attend the Christ­mas par­ti­es orga­ni­sed in our schools, kin­dergar­tens, com­pa­nies and orga­ni­sa­tions and thing almost cons­tant­ly on buying pre­sents and food for the Christ­mas din­ner.

OLE and its coo­pe­ra­tion part­ners have dedica­ted them­sel­ves also this year to hel­ping these won­der­ful thoughts to come true. We remind all the peo­ple that they should be real­ly care­ful when cros­sing railways. Even if you dri­ve across the tracks in an off-road vehic­le equip­ped with 12 air­bags, a lor­ry or a trac­tor, for a train you are still just a snowf­la­ke that will be swi­ped away.

Unfor­tu­na­tely, last year we still had peo­ple who lost their lives on the Esto­nian railway lines. As in pre­vious years, the main rea­son for tho­se fatal inci­dents was dist­rac­ted atten­tion. In other words – at the time of cros­sing railways peo­ple were dea­ling with other things that appe­ared to be more impor­tant than paying atten­tion to cros­sing railways. OLE finds that this “being away” synd­ro­me is beco­ming epi­de­mic and it would take more than just us to fight it. Of cour­se, com­pu­ters with all their prog­ram­mes, games, films, music and mil­lion other exi­ting fea­tu­res have beco­me an ina­lienab­le part of our daily lives. It is real­ly reg­ret­tab­le that peo­ple take all of that with them when they to streets, buses or pedest­rian cros­sings. So they attend a vir­tual rock concert, are figh­ting on a batt­le­field or laug­hing on someone’s stu­pid jokes when they step in front of a real train. So it hap­pens that para­me­dics find at the sce­ne of acci­dent a func­tio­ning player or mobi­le pho­ne but their lis­te­ners have alrea­dy joi­ned the vir­tual world…

The­re­fo­re, OLE and its coo­pe­ra­tion part­ners wish to remind to all motor vehic­le dri­vers and pedest­rians once again that cros­sing railways is dan­ge­rous. The Christ­mas Cam­paign direc­ted by OLE takes place on Decem­ber 14–26 and bears the same slo­gan as in the pre­vious years: “Let the train pass! You are expec­ted home for Christ­mas.” With its cam­paigns, OLE wis­hes to cont­ri­bu­te to making sure that all the Christ­mas wis­hes and gree­tings reach their add­res­sees in this world, the real world.

During the cam­paign are pub­lis­hed the adver­ti­sing mate­rials pre­pa­red by OLE that fea­tu­re a fat­her who has gone to forest to bring a Christ­mas tree and his family wai­ting for him at home. The fat­her gets home but the video hints that things could have gone also the other way. We hope that the adver­ti­sing mate­rials we deve­loped would help in making sure that no Christ­mas wis­hes are left untold.

The TV com­mercial is sup­por­ted by a radio ad broadcas­ted in all Esto­nian radio sta­tions, pos­ters on streets and prin­ted ads in news­pa­pers. In addi­tion, OLE con­ti­nues making its railway safe­ty pre­sen­ta­tions in schools.

Have a safe Christ­mas time!
Ope­ra­tion Life­sa­ver Esto­nia

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