NPO Ope­ra­tion Life­sa­ver Esto­nia (OLE) dea­ling with railway safe­ty with its coo­pe­ra­tion part­ners remind again to our fel­low citizens that eve­rybo­dy should be vigi­lant whi­le cros­sing railways and make sure that the­re are no trains approaching.

OLE leads the cam­paign alrea­dy for 12th time and this year it is orga­ni­sed between Decem­ber 15 and 26. The slo­gan of the cam­paign is: “Let the train pass! You are expec­ted home for Christmas”.

OLE’s chair­man Tamo Vahe­mets: “Trains are one of the safest trans­port vehic­les. In the mean­ti­me, they are one of the grea­test sources of dan­ger in traf­fic due to their lar­ge weight and long brea­king dis­tance. The­re­fo­re, peo­ple should stop all their other acti­vi­ti­es befo­re cros­sing railways and focus on how to cross railway safely. If you notice an app­roac­hing train, you should keep safe dis­tance and let the train pass” added Vahemets.

Depu­ty Direc­tor Gene­ral of the Esto­nian Tech­nical Sur­veil­lance Aut­ho­rity Anvar Salo­mets explai­ned that simi­lar­ly to the pre­vious years, the majo­rity of tra­gic railway acci­dents have been cau­sed by neg­li­gence and vio­la­tion of safe­ty requi­re­ments. “Railway acci­dents can be pre­ven­ted only if all the rela­ted par­ti­es, inc­lu­ding road users, cont­ri­bu­te to it. The Tech­nical Sur­veil­lance Aut­ho­rity, railway underta­kings and OLE deal with deve­loping railway inf­rastruc­tu­re and safe­ty imp­ro­ve­ments on a cons­tant basis but this is not enough. As railway is an area with a high level of risk then pre­ven­ting acci­dents depends on road users and their atten­ti­ve and know­led­geab­le beha­viour. OLE’s cam­paigns play a sig­ni­ficant role in making road users awa­re of the basic safe­ty rules,” added Salomets.

Chief Law Enforce­ment Officer of the Esto­nian Police and Bor­der Guard Board Riho Tänak explai­ned that in the second half of Decem­ber it will be the duty of the police to remind road users which safe­ty rules app­ly when cros­sing railways. “We moni­tor pri­ma­rily how pedest­rians and motor vehic­le dri­vers adhe­re to traf­fic lights at railway cros­sings. We also point out the dan­gers that may occur when moving on railways on foot,” said Tänak.

The visual ima­ge­ry of the cam­paign focu­ses on the acti­vi­ti­es rela­ted to pre­pa­ring for fes­ti­ve events at home. We hope that our adver­ti­sing mate­rials and cho­sen media chan­nels help us in deli­ve­ring our safe­ty mes­sa­ge to eve­rybo­dy and that we all will be able to pass our Christ­mas wis­hes to our clo­se ones in person.

The cam­paign is sup­por­ted by: Esto­nian Tech­nical Sur­veil­lance Aut­ho­rity, Esto­nian Police and Boar­der Guard Board, Esto­nian Road Admi­nist­ra­tion and Esto­nian Rescue Board.


Addi­tio­nal information:
Tamo Vahe­mets
OLE Chair­man of Mana­ge­ment Board — CEO
tel: +372 504 5112

Ope­ra­tion Life­sa­ver Esto­nia (OLE) is a non-pro­fit orga­ni­sa­tion foun­ded by 2004 under the leaders­hip of Esto­nian Railways Ltd. Our mis­sion is imp­ro­ving con­si­de­rab­ly pub­lic awa­re­ness regar­ding the dan­gers rela­ted to railway traf­fic and law­ful beha­viour on railways in order to reduce the num­ber of traf­fic acci­dents occur­ring on railways and the num­ber of per­sons kil­led and inju­red in such acci­dents. OLE’s mem­bers are: AS Ees­ti Raud­tee (Esto­nian Railways Ltd.), AS EVR Car­go, Ede­la­raud­tee Inf­ra­struk­tuu­ri AS and AS GoRail.

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