Creativity contest “You Can”

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The Eastern Police Prefecture, NPO Operation Lifesaver Estonia dealing with railway safety, and the Trauma Council of the Western Virumaa region, invite everybody to participate in the contest of railway safety themed study aids and games.

The purpose of the contest is to discuss the topics related to railway safety in order to find new angles for prevention work in kindergartens. We want to improve the awareness of children going to kindergartens about the threats present in railway traffic.


Theme of the contest: railway safety contest “YOU CAN

  • You can – be a good example to your friends how to cross railway safely,
  • You can – help your close ones to cross railway safely,
  • You can – make your life safer,
  • You can – take part in creating railway safety study aids and games in order to keep everybody informed about the threats present in railway traffic.

The best work or idea will be used by Operation Lifesaver Estonia in its 2014 railway safety campaign and by the Eastern Prefecture for prevention work in kindergartens.

[info_box]The works presented to the contest will be evaluated on the basis of:

  • idea, creativity, originality;
  • compliance with the subject and conditions;
  • proper execution, match with idea;
  • novelty – the work was prepared for this contest.

The contest is open for all the kindergartens located in Western Virumaa region.

The authors of the best works and their little helpers will be awarded with monetary prizes and souvenirs. The works presented for the contest will be exhibited in Rakvere Põhjakeskus on 23 – 29 December 2013.

All the works should be presented by December 9 to Rakvere Police Department at Kreutzwaldi 5A Rakvere or posted to the Eastern Police Prefecture at Rahu 38 Jõhvi, to Annela Floren.

The works presented to the contest should come with the following information:

  • first and last name of the teacher,
  • name of kindergarten,
  • age group,
  • contact information: telephone, E-mail, address of the kindergarten.

The jury will make its decision by December 13, 2013. Information about the winners will be sent to the kindergartens and published in the Eastern Prefecture and Operation Lifesaver Estonia website

The organisers reserve the right to change the terms of the contest should it be necessary.


Annela Floren

Senior Prevention Superintendent

Law Enforcement Bureau of the Eastern Police Prefecture

Tel: 33 723 51, 5349 7068