ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

NPO Operation Lifesaver Estonia (OLE) was the first non-profit organisation in Estonia making its activities compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 international management system standards.

One of the main principles of OLE dealing with railway safety has always been making information related to the work of the organisation accessible to everybody interested. “Certainly, both OLE members and the state authorities, ministries and organisations that are our partners are interested to know how is spent the money they have provided to OLE,” said Tamo Vahemets, Chairman of the Management Board of OLE, who added: “The certificate is definitely a token of valuable recognition that proves also to our partners that their money has been well spent by OLE. This, on the other hand, creates excellent conditions for continuing our cooperation.”

Ain Noormägi, chairman of the board of AS Metrosert certifying OLE’s activities, said that he can only welcome the initiative on behalf of the non-profit organisation for making its daily activities compliant with the ISO standards, as in addition to the confident relations with partners it helps the organisation to give a deeper meaning to its daily work. “We hope that there will be followers to the good example of OLE,” said Ain Noormägi whilst presenting the certificate to Tamo Vahemets.

Ina ddition to information on OLE’s work, the Internet homepage of OLE ( also displays the audited financial statements of the organisation. “We find it extremely important to ensure the transparency of the use of funds by associations and organisations operating in the non-profit sector. This is why we support making the publication of annual financial statements mandatory,” said Vahemets.

OLE is a non-profit organisation founded on 19 November 2004 that follows the principles of Operation Lifesaver Inc. ( founded in 1972 by the American Association of Railroads, National Corporation of Railroad Passengers and Railroad Promotion Institute and is an affiliate of this organisation.

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