Statute of the Honorary Medal


1. Honorary Medal

The Honorary Medal of Operation Lifesaver Estonia (hereinafter Honorary Medal) has been introduced on 19 March 2010 and it is donated to the citizens of the Republic of Estonia and foreign countries who have contributed in an outstanding manner in the achievement of the statutory goals of non-profit organisation Operation Lifesaver Estonia (hereinafter OLE).

  • 1.1 The statute of the Honorary Medal shall be approved by the General Meeting of OLE.

2. Description of the Honorary Medal

The design of the Honorary Medal consists of OLE’s logo and the motive of railway level crossing signs.

The diagonal of the Honorary Medal is 50 mm. The Honorary Medal is double-layered. In the centre of the Medal is a 19 mm silver circle on which is displayed black and red OLE logo that is coated with enamel and surrounded with a red enamel circle. The circle is placed on the Medal plate, which is covered with red and white enamel. The Honorary Medal is made of 925 sterling silver and coated with heated enamel. The metal surface between the branches of the Medal is oxidised and partly cancellated.

The diagonal of the miniature of the Honorary Medal measures 20 mm.

The RIBBON of the Honorary Medal consists of red, black and white stripes. The widths of the stripes are as follows (from left to right): 4 mm – red, 2 mm – black, 3 mm – white, 2 mm – black, 10 mm – red, 2 mm – black, 3 mm – white, 2 mm – black, 4 mm – red.

3. Rules for Donation

3.1 An Honorary Medal can be donated to Estonian or foreign citizens who have contributed to the development of railway safety work in Estonia during at least 5 years or to persons whose professional activities have prevented a railway accident or incident with serious consequences.

  • 3.2 A decision about the donation of an Honorary Medal is made by the Management Board of OLE (hereinafter Management Board).[margin10]
    • 3.2.1 The decision is passed by majority vote. If the votes are equal, the decisive vote shall be cast by the Chairman of the Management Board. The Management Board has a quorum if 2/3 of its members are present at the time of voting. The Management Board appoints a person who keeps a record of the Honorary Medals donated and archives the respective documentation.
  • 3.3 All the members of OLE have the right to nominate candidates for the Honorary Medal. In addition to that candidates can be nominated by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications of the Republic of Estonia and organisations, government institutions and companies which have signed with OLE a valid cooperation contract with the term of at least 5 years.
    3.4 Under normal circumstances Honorary Medals can be donated to up to 5 persons each year.
    3.5 Application for donating an Honorary Medal
  • 3.5.1 The following information shall be presented for each person nominated as a candidate for the Honorary Medal:[margin10]
    • Name and surname;
    • Date of birth;
    • Position (rank) and other relevant personal data;
    • Citizenship;
    • Detailed description of the reasons of nomination;
    • Information about the person nominating the candidate.
  • 3.6 As a rule, Honorary Medals are donated at OLE’s “Golden Level Crossing Gates” award ceremony held during the last week of April each year.
  • 3.7 Under special circumstances, an Award Medal can be donated following the procedure set forth by the Management Board of OLE.
  • 3.8 The Members of OLE’s Management Board cannot be donated an Honorary Medal during their service.
  • 3.9 OLE shall cover all the costs related to the manufacturing and donating of the Honorary Medal, its ribbon, “button” and miniature.
  • 3.10 The donation of an Honorary Medal shall be certified by a respective certificate that is signed by the Chairman of Management Board of OLE.

4. Rules for Wearing the Honorary Medal and Rights of the Awardees

  • 4.1 Honorary Medals can be worn as decoration by the persons to whom the Honorary Medals have been donated.
  • 4.2 Estonian citizens wear the Honorary Medal with its ribbon on the left, after Estonian state and institutional honorary decorations and before foreign honorary decorations.
  • 4.3 The Honorary Medal awardees have the right to wear the “button” of the Honorary Medal on the lapel of a suit.
  • 4.4 An Honorary Medal comes with a ribbon that can be worn on uniforms and a miniature that can be worn on a tuxedo.
  • 4.5 The awardees of the Honorary Medal have the right to use the image of the Honorary Medal on their personal items or link it with their personal design items without degrading the Honorary Medal.
  • 4.6 It is forbidden to use the Honorary Medal in advertising materials and for other purposes related to making commercial profit.
  • 4.7 The rights related to the Honorary Medal cannot be extended to third persons, including the family members of awardees.

5. Final Provisions

  • 5.1 All Honorary Medals are marked with a number.
  • 5.2 All Honorary Medal awardees shall be entered into a special register kept by OLE.
  • 5.3 An Honorary Medal shall not be replaced in the event of damage, destruction and/or loss.
  • 5.4 In the event of awardees’ death, the Honorary Medal can be the kept as memorabilia by their family members or friends.