Golden Level Crossing Gates 2015

Press Release

OLE’s gratitude event “Golden Level Crossing Gates 2015” recognised the work of persons and organisations involved in promoting railway safety.

On Wednesday, 29 April 2015, was held another “Golden Level Crossing Gates” event that acknowledged the efforts of organisations and persons in the field of railway safety. The honorary medals and letters of gratitude were presented by Hanno Pevkur, Minister of Interior. The “Golden Level Crossing Gates 2015” award was given to Kai Kuuspalu from the Estonian Road Administration.

Railway businessman Tiit Pruuli spoke about the moral responsibility the government and private companies have in preventing railway accidents. “We often deal only with those issues that are the institution’s or company’s responsibility by law. People do not pay enough attention to moral responsibility. This leaves many important topics to the “grey area” that no one is responsible for. Railway safety is one of such areas, as it falls into the territory between various government agencies. There still exists a good example of civil society initiative that is OLE – a group of fanatics doing this work in addition to their daily jobs and a growing group of volunteers that has contributed to this is programme already for several years,” said Pruuli.

Kai Kuuspalu received the “Golden Level Crossing Gates 2015” award for combining volunteer railway accident prevention with other traffic safety promotion activities. “For example, Kai initiated the process of preparing study materials on railway safety for driving schools,” explained Tamo Vahemets, Chairman of OLE.

Honorary medals for professional excellence in the field of railway safety were given to:

  • Ivan Kappanen – Safety Manager of Estonian Railways
  • Aare Ehandi – Chief of Bureau, Northern Prefecture of the Police and Border Guard Board
  • Anvar Salomets – Deputy Director General, Estonian Technical Surveillance Authority
  • Kairet Kõljalg – Educational Services Expert, Prevention Department of the Estonian Rescue Board
  • Linda Oks – Senior Superintendent, Valga Police Department of the Police and Border Guard Board

The “Best Presenter 2014” award was given to Kerli Leiman, Chief Specialist of Traffic Education, Estonian Road Administration.

In addition, more than 50 letters of gratitude were issued to both private persons and organisations.

In previous years, the “Golden Level Crossing Gates” award has been presented to the Tallinn City Government, Ms. Liivika Juksaar, Kristiine Shopping Mall, Mr. Tarmo Miilits, Western Estonia Rescue Centre, Järva County Rescue Service, Mr. Andrei Sozinov, Mr. Marek Lindmaa, JCDecaux Eesti OÜ and Harju Department of the Estonian Health Promotion Society.


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