Christmas Campaign 2012 – Let the Train Pass, You are Expected Home for Christmas

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It is Christmas time. It is a beautiful time of the year when people think more then usual about their relatives and friends. They organise Christmas parties and concerts, look for presents and make plans for the holidays. Christmas is the time when people try to make it home – to take out old familiar decorations, put on the table good old tableware and dishes that are the tastiest in the whole world.

Christmas mean all of that also for the organisers of the campaign. Nevertheless, we have committed ourselves to organising a railway safety campaign that should remind people rushing before holidays that all of them are expected home. There is no point in making such great plans and choosing presents if your life can end any minute due to your negligence on railway tracks.

Each year we have several people losing their lives on rails. For all of those who were not involved, these numbers are just pure railway statistics. For those expecting this person home these numbers mean the loss of their mother or father, brother, sister or child. This is a painful loss that no one can cope with.

Crossing railways is not a lottery but unfortunately people still take chances by not paying attention. A train is not lightning striking from the sky that is hard to predict and abstain. Trains are moving on railway tracks and these are the only places where they can cross with roads. This is a well-known fact for the old and young, men and women. But for some reason, trains still hit people.

For that reason, OLE and its cooperation partners wish to remind both drivers and pedestrians that crossing railways is dangerous.  The campaign organised by Operation Lifesaver Estonia lasts from December 10 through December 26 and bears the same slogan as in the previous years: “Let the Train Pass! You are Expected Home for Christmas.” OLE wishes to contribute with its campaign in making sure that all Christmas wishes and greetings would reach our close ones.

During the campaign are published the advertising materials prepared by OLE that feature the brother and sister whom we already know from the previous years. This time they are not in the usual safe home environment but look out of a train window. They are probably on their way to grandmother and grandfather who are waiting for them with a decorated Christmas tree and delicious gingerbread. Their lucky arrival would depend on all of us who cross railway daily by car or by foot. Let us hope they will!

In addition, OLE uses in its campaign the video clip prepared last year where a father drives to his family that is waiting for him. Although his trip takes him across railway everything works out fine and the brother and sister known to us already will meet their loved father. The video clip is supported by a radio ad broadcasted in all Estonian radio stations, posters on streets and printed ads in media. OLE also continues making railway safety presentations in schools.

Have a Safe Christmas Time!
Operation Lifesaver Estonia

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Campain materials

TV clip

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Radio commercial

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Digital advertisement

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