Railway safety campaign “Notice the Train”

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1 July 2013

“Notice the Train” railway safety campaign launched today

Today, July 1st is launched the railway safety campaign “Notice the Train” organized by the Estonian Technical Surveillance Authority (ETSA) and NPO Operation Lifesaver Estonia (OLE). The objective of the campaign is to point out for road users the changes brought about by the new trains taken into operation today and call on everybody to follow the traffic regulations and safety rules for crossing railways, getting on/off the trains and moving around in railway area. The campaign lasts from July to August and covers the entire country.

As the new trains are faster, quieter and look different, the habitual traffic environment will change for train passengers, pedestrians and motor vehicle drivers crossing railways, as well as for those walking in railway area. Therefore, people should pay even more attention in traffic in order to be safe.


The maximal train speed limits will not change with the arrival of new trains but road users should still consider that the new trains accelerate much faster, which makes crossing railway tracks in front of a stopped train even more dangerous. People should also consider that the new trains make much less noise, which makes them harder to notice. In addition, trains will be operated more frequently and there will be more train crossings in stations. Thus, pedestrians should be very cautious while crossing railways and moving on passenger platforms.

The campaign reminds the general public that safety rules and regulations should be always followed in railway traffic:

  • Railways can be crossed only at designated locations.
  • Be cautious while crossing railways and use your eyes and ears to be sure that there are no trains, locomotives, wagons, trolleys or other railway vehicles approaching.
  • A pedestrian must always let a railway vehicle to pass.
  • You should enter the area next to railway tracks only for crossing tracks or getting on or off a passenger train.
  • Railway tracks and the surrounding area are not suitable for walking, sport, playing or other pass-time activities.
  • You should keep at least 5-metre distance from railway tracks while letting a railway vehicle to pass.
  • Be particularly cautious while crossing railways in front of a train stopped in station.
  • The yellow line on passenger platforms marks safe distance from stopping train.
  • Always apply baby carriage brakes while on a passenger platform.

More detailed information about the campaign – here


Additional information:

Anu Võlma
Chief Specialist of Public Relations
Estonian Technical Surveillance Authority
+372 667 2031; +372 50 11 585

Tamo Vahemets
Chairman of the Management Board of OLE
+372 504 5112



Campaign media

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