Sõmeru Lasteaed

Participants of Creativity Contest Awarded with Scholarships

In November 2013 the Eastern Police Prefecture, international non-profit organisation dealing with railway safety Operation Lifesaver Estonia (OLE) and the Western Viru County Trauma Council announced railway safety creativity contest “You Can!”

The invitations to participate in the contest went out to all the kindergartens in the county. The objective of the contest was to discuss railway safety issues in order to find new angles for conducting notification activities in kindergartens. The second objective was increasing the awareness of kindergarten children about the dangers present on railways.

The project was attended and ideas received from only two kindergartens – Pääsusilm in Sõmeru and Pesapuu in Haljala. The children of Sõmeru kindergarten led by their teacher Kristel Floren invented a table-top game about railway safety and the kids from Haljala led by teacher Tiia Maalmets came up with a floor game.

As the contest had only two participating kindergartens then the teachers and children of both kindergartens were thanked on December 20 for their contribution for creating study aids and games for enhancing railway safety. Both kindergarten groups received cakes, bag chair with railway safety message and a 200 Euro scholarship from OLE.

The organizer of the contest, Senior Law Enforcement Officer of the Eastern Police Prefecture Annela Floren said that prevention and notification is a significant part of police work – we need to increase the safety awareness of people for preventing potential negative consequences. “Therefore, we are very grateful to Sõmeru and Haljala kindergartens for their time and effort in contributing to safety promotion,” said Floren.

You can:

  • Be a role model for your friends by crossing railway safely;
  • Help your close ones to cross railway safely;
  • Make your life safer;
  • Be involved in creating study aids and games about railway safety in order to notify others about the dangers present in railway traffic.