Railway safety campaign “Get OFF THE BIKE, remove your HEADPHONES and Let the train pass!

On June 23–30, 2014 will be orga­ni­sed the nation-wide railway safe­ty cam­paign “Get OFF THE BIKE, remo­ve your HEADPHONES and Let the train pass!” that is tar­ge­ted to bicyc­lists and pedest­rians wea­ring head­pho­nes.

“The bicyc­lists are often dri­vers who use their advanta­ge of moving on cyc­le and pedest­rian tracks, for­get­ting that bicyc­lists can cross railways only at desig­na­ted level cros­sings,” com­men­ted Tamo Vahe­mets, Chair­man of the Mana­ge­ment Board of NPO Ope­ra­tion Life­sa­ver Esto­nia, adding that “the terms level cros­sing and pedest­rian cros­sing defi­ne qui­te cle­ar­ly how road users should use them. A level cros­sing is meant for vehic­les inc­lu­ding bicyc­les, whe­reas a pedest­rians cros­sing is meant for pedest­rians only”.

The pur­po­se of the secu­rity bar­riers ins­tal­led at railway level cros­sings is to pre­vent bicyc­les riding onto the railway lines and remind peo­ple that they are ente­ring a dan­ge­rous area whe­re they should be extre­mely cau­tious.

One of the objec­ti­ves of the cam­paign is to remind bicyc­lists that they should get of their bikes whi­le cros­sing railways at pedest­rian cros­sings and do it pus­hing their bikes on their side.

The second mes­sa­ge of the cam­paign is equ­al­ly impor­tant: “Take off your head­pho­nes!” “As road users we must ack­now­led­ge that we limit a sig­ni­ficant part of our atten­ti­ve­ness whi­le wea­ring head­pho­nes in traf­fic. This inc­reases the risk of get­ting invol­ved in dan­ge­rous situa­tions,” said Vahe­mets.

Upon cros­sing railways peo­ple should avoid acti­vi­ti­es impai­ring their concent­ra­tion like lis­te­ning to music using head­pho­nes or tal­king on mobi­le pho­nes. This app­lies both to pas­sen­gers and vehic­le dri­vers. Your mind should be 100% on what you do. If the­re is a train app­roac­hing, you should keep safe dis­tance and let it pass!

The cam­paign is orga­ni­sed in coo­pe­ra­tion with the Esto­nian Tech­nical Sur­veil­lance Aut­ho­rity, Police and Boar­der Guard Board and Road Admi­nist­ra­tion.

Addi­tio­nal infor­ma­tion:

Tamo Vahe­mets,
Chair­man of Mana­ge­ment Board – Acting Mana­ger of OLE
e‑mail: tamo@operationlifesaver.eu
tel: +372 504 5112

OLE (Ope­ra­tion Life­sa­ver Esto­nia) is a non-pro­fit orga­ni­sa­tion foun­ded in 2004 by the ini­tia­ti­ve of AS Ees­ti Raud­tee (Esto­nian Railways) with the mis­sion to inc­rease con­si­de­rab­ly pub­lic awa­re­ness about dan­gers invol­ved in railway traf­fic and law­ful beha­viour on railway, with the pur­po­se to reduce the num­ber of railway inci­dents and peo­ple kil­led and inju­red in such acci­dents. OLE’s mem­bers are AS Ees­ti Raud­tee, AS EVR Car­go, Ede­la­raud­tee Inf­ra­struk­tuu­ri AS and AS GoR­ail.