Golden Level Crossing Gates 2015

Press Rele­ase

OLE’s gra­ti­tu­de event “Gol­den Level Cros­sing Gates 2015” recog­ni­sed the work of per­sons and orga­ni­sa­tions invol­ved in pro­mo­ting railway safe­ty.

On Wed­nes­day, 29 April 2015, was held anot­her “Gol­den Level Cros­sing Gates” event that ack­now­led­ged the efforts of orga­ni­sa­tions and per­sons in the field of railway safe­ty. The hono­rary medals and let­ters of gra­ti­tu­de were pre­sen­ted by Han­no Pev­kur, Minis­ter of Inte­rior. The “Gol­den Level Cros­sing Gates 2015” award was given to Kai Kuus­pa­lu from the Esto­nian Road Admi­nist­ra­tion.

Railway business­man Tiit Pruu­li spo­ke about the moral res­pon­si­bi­lity the govern­ment and pri­va­te com­pa­nies have in pre­ven­ting railway acci­dents. “We often deal only with tho­se issu­es that are the institution’s or company’s res­pon­si­bi­lity by law. Peo­ple do not pay enough atten­tion to moral res­pon­si­bi­lity. This lea­ves many impor­tant topics to the “grey area” that no one is res­pon­sib­le for. Railway safe­ty is one of such areas, as it falls into the ter­ri­tory between various govern­ment agencies. The­re still exists a good examp­le of civil society ini­tia­ti­ve that is OLE – a group of fana­tics doing this work in addi­tion to their daily jobs and a growing group of volun­teers that has cont­ri­bu­ted to this is prog­ram­me alrea­dy for seve­ral years,” said Pruu­li.

Kai Kuus­pa­lu recei­ved the “Gol­den Level Cros­sing Gates 2015” award for com­bi­ning volun­teer railway acci­dent pre­ven­tion with other traf­fic safe­ty pro­mo­tion acti­vi­ti­es. “For examp­le, Kai ini­tiated the process of pre­pa­ring study mate­rials on railway safe­ty for dri­ving schools,” explai­ned Tamo Vahe­mets, Chair­man of OLE.

Hono­rary medals for pro­fes­sio­nal excel­lence in the field of railway safe­ty were given to:

  • Ivan Kap­pa­nen – Safe­ty Mana­ger of Esto­nian Railways
  • Aare Ehan­di – Chief of Bure­au, Nort­hern Pre­fec­tu­re of the Police and Bor­der Guard Board
  • Anvar Salo­mets – Depu­ty Direc­tor Gene­ral, Esto­nian Tech­nical Sur­veil­lance Aut­ho­rity
  • Kai­ret Kõl­jalg – Educa­tio­nal Ser­vices Expert, Pre­ven­tion Depart­ment of the Esto­nian Rescue Board
  • Lin­da Oks – Senior Superin­ten­dent, Valga Police Depart­ment of the Police and Bor­der Guard Board

The “Best Pre­sen­ter 2014” award was given to Ker­li Lei­man, Chief Specia­list of Traf­fic Educa­tion, Esto­nian Road Admi­nist­ra­tion.

In addi­tion, more than 50 let­ters of gra­ti­tu­de were issu­ed to both pri­va­te per­sons and orga­ni­sa­tions.

In pre­vious years, the “Gol­den Level Cros­sing Gates” award has been pre­sen­ted to the Tal­linn City Govern­ment, Ms. Lii­vi­ka Juk­saar, Kris­tii­ne Shop­ping Mall, Mr. Tar­mo Mii­lits, Wes­tern Esto­nia Rescue Cent­re, Järva County Rescue Ser­vice, Mr. And­rei Sozi­nov, Mr. Marek Lind­maa, JCDecaux Ees­ti OÜ and Har­ju Depart­ment of the Esto­nian Health Pro­mo­tion Society.


Addi­tio­nal infor­ma­tion:
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