OLE’s Quality Policy

The main principles of OLE’s quality policy are as follows:

  • OLE is an organisation dealing with the public promotion of railway safety that follows the quality principles accepted by the Council of Europe, European Union and authorities of the Republic of Estonia;
  • OLE follows the quality requirements developed by Operation Lifesaver Inc.;
  • OLE values the volunteers, organisations, companies, etc. who wish to improve public awareness about dangers present on railway and ways for avoiding such dangers;
  • OLE is involved in the continuous process of promoting public railway safety;
  • OLE employs only persons complying with the set qualification requirements and makes continuous efforts for training its staff;
  • OLE values long-term cooperation with its qualified and reliable partners;
  • OLE considers in its daily work and preparation of training materials development related ideas and does everything possible for improving work processes and avoiding complaints during the forthcoming periods;
  • A quality management system has been developed and approved for implementing the quality policy;
  • OLE’s management supervises the functioning of the quality system on a constant basis.