Responsible railway undertakings

... are the companies that participate jointly and actively in the public railway safety promotion efforts in Estonia, value each human life and try to prevent tragic events on the railway.

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Golden Level Crossing Gates 2015

Press Release OLE’s gratitude event “Golden Level Crossing Gates 2015” recognised the work of persons and organisations involved in promoting …

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Railway Safety Week 2015

Press Release: The railway safety campaign “Take off your headphones and let the train pass!“ reminds people that wearing headphones …

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Traffic signs at level crossings / passive regulative tools

  • 111. Railway level crossing equipped with gates.
  • 112. Railway level crossing without gates.
  • 121. Single-track railway line.
  • 122. Multiple-track railway line. Warning at railway level crossing without gates.
  • 123–128. Railway level crossing ahead. Additional warning before a railway level crossing. The number of inclined stripes reduces when approaching railway line. The stripes are inclined towards road.
  • 222. Stop and let pass. The driver is obliged to stop in front of stop line or before the start of crossing road if no such line exists. In other places (close to railway line) in front of the sign.
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