Press release! ILCAD 2016

Launch by UIC, LDz and OLE of the 8th edi­tion of ILCAD, Inter­na­tio­nal Level Cros­sing Awa­re­ness Day, 10 June in Riga (Lat­via), 11 June 2016 in Tal­linn (Esto­nia)  

(Paris/Riga/Tallinn, 9 June 2016) On 10 and 11 June, the UIC, the worl­dwi­de railway associa­tion, the inter­na­tio­nal rail com­mu­nity and many part­ners from the road sec­tor as well as a num­ber of inter­na­tio­nal ins­ti­tu­tions will be hol­ding the 8th edi­tion of Inter­na­tio­nal Level Cros­sing Awa­re­ness Day (ILCAD: To launch this worl­dwi­de cam­paign an inter­na­tio­nal con­fe­rence on level cros­sing safe­ty will be hos­ted by “Lat­vian Railways” (LDz) on 10 June in Riga (Lat­via), fol­lowed by a tech­nical visit in Tal­linn (Esto­nia) on 11 June orga­ni­sed by Ope­ra­tion Life­sa­ver Esto­nia (OLE).

Jean-Pier­re Loubi­noux: “As in pre­vious years, we are proud to bring toget­her about 40 count­ries to par­tici­pa­te in this glo­bal event, eit­her by relaying it on their web­si­tes or on social media, or by orga­ni­sing a ran­ge of acti­vi­ti­es around 10–11 June. The part­ners in ILCAD will be focu­sing in par­ticu­lar on safe­ty at level cros­sings, but some will also make the most of the oppor­tu­nity to rai­se pub­lic awa­re­ness of other dan­gers such as cros­sing railway lines whe­re it is strict­ly for­bid­den to do so, or safe­ty on sta­tion plat­forms. We wish our part­ners all the best for their cam­paign.”

Each year, the ILCAD part­ners choo­se a diffe­rent sec­tion of the pub­lic for their awa­re­ness cam­paign. Since we have been expe­riencing in a cer­tain num­ber of count­ries an inc­reasing num­ber of col­li­sions at level cros­sings invol­ving seniors, we have deci­ded this year to focus on “Senior citizens and peo­ple with sen­sory and mobi­lity rest­ric­tions”. ­

As for all other cate­go­ries of road users, pedest­rians and cyc­lists, col­li­sions may invol­ve seniors who may take wrong deci­sions eit­her by error or deli­berately. For this par­ticu­lar cate­gory of per­sons, mis­be­ha­viour can be lin­ked to habit, age prob­lems (dec­rease of sight, hea­ring), and to the ove­res­ti­ma­tion of their abi­li­ti­es. Such beha­viour which fails to take safe­ty adequa­tely into account, may lead them to act reck­less­ly, lea­ding to seve­re inju­ries or even loss of life. They also can put the lives of others at risk, whet­her tho­se tra­vel­ling in their vehic­les, or rail staff and pas­sen­gers. To pro­mo­te the awa­re­ness of senior citizens and peo­ple with mobi­lity rest­ric­tions UIC and LDz have co-pro­duced pos­ters and a new video avai­lab­le on inter­net and broadcast on TV.

These com­mu­nica­tions mate­rials were deve­loped with seniors in mind, but will be use­ful as a remin­der to all other level cros­sing users and par­ticu­lar­ly per­sons with mobi­lity rest­ric­tions.

Our acci­dent-pre­ven­tion mes­sa­ge for 2016: “Do not ove­res­ti­ma­te your abi­li­ti­es near railway tracks!” is for eve­ryo­ne.

Did you know?

  • Venues of past events:
    • In 2009 at the Euro­pean Com­mis­sion in Brus­sels
    • In 2010 at the Euro­pean Com­mis­sion in Brus­sels and at INFRABEL in Bel­gium
    • In 2011 at PKP PLK in War­saw, Poland
    • In 2012 at RFF in Paris, France
    • In 2013 at the Uni­ted Nations (Eco­no­mic Com­mis­sion for Euro­pe (UNECE)  in Gene­va, Switzer­land
    • In 2014 at REFER in Lis­bon, Por­tu­gal
    • In 2015 at TCDD in Istanbul, Tur­key
  • Some sta­tis­tics:
    • 40 count­ries will take part in ILCAD 2016 (Par­tici­pants link)
    • Around 600 000 level cros­sings worl­dwi­de (213 000 in the USA, 113 000 in Euro­pe)
    • In Euro­pe: fata­li­ti­es at LC amount to 1% of the road fata­li­ti­es but over 25% of railway fata­li­ti­es; 555 col­li­sions in Euro­pe in 2012 (322 fata­li­ti­es and 364 serious inju­ries). Visit (pdf) and (pdf)
    • Worl­dwi­de, the 65-and-over popu­la­tion will more than doub­le rising from over 600 mil­lion today to 1.6 bil­lion by 2050 (8.5 % today / 17% of the glo­bal popu­la­tion in 2050), accor­ding to “An Aging World: 2015”: (pdf). This new report from the US Cen­sus Bure­au exa­mi­nes the con­ti­nuing glo­bal aging trend and pro­jec­ted growth of the 65-and-over popu­la­tion, with an emp­ha­sis on the diffe­rences among world regions. It is obser­ved in all count­ries but more in Euro­pe and in Asia. Japan is the oldest count­ry in the world and will retain that posi­tion in 2050. Worl­dwi­de, the 80-and-over popu­la­tion will triple by 2050 to 446.6 mil­lion aga­inst 126.4 in 2015. The ave­ra­ge life expec­tancy should rise from 68.6 today to 76.2 in 2050. Source: (link)
    • Alrea­dy today, but even more in the futu­re, an aging popu­la­tion still dri­ving, biking or wal­king through level cros­sings might beco­me a grea­ter issue for our society. In some count­ries medical exams are obli­ga­tory for seniors to con­ti­nue dri­ving.
    • Some count­ries like Japan have been par­ticu­lar­ly concer­ned by the aging popu­la­tion issue for years now and have orga­ni­sed road or level cros­sing safe­ty cam­paigns dedica­ted to seniors.
    • In some count­ries (main­ly in Euro­pe, when sta­tis­tics on the cate­gory of vic­tims invol­ved in col­li­sions or in fatal acci­dents are avai­lab­le), col­li­sions with seniors may amount to 18% of the total num­ber of col­li­sions at level cros­sings, and fata­li­ti­es among seniors may amount to 38% of the total num­ber of fata­li­ti­es.

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